With more than 40 years of collective coaching and competitive experience,
you can be sure your children will be learning from the best!

  • Founder & Head Coach
    Danny Lee
    Danny Lee is the founder and head coach of Threeesteps and he has more than 15 years of competitive dancing and coaching experience with children! Having represented Singapore on both the global and regional stage, he brings with him a wealth of experience and passion to the dance floor! Danny has been actively coaching for the past 13 years and has coached more than 10000 children till date.
  • Competition Awards

    –  SG Bboy championship – Champion
    –  POP Culture Vol.3 – Champion
    –  LockDown Vol.1 – Champion
    –  Chingay Open Dance Competition – Grand Champion
    – Floor The Love 2v2 – 2nd place
    – Natasha Jam Vol. 3 – Champion
    – H20 Ultimate Dance Contest – Champion

  • Judge Appearances

    Judge for Garage Battle (Singapore) – Judge
    Judge for Lock Down Singapore – Judge
    Judge for Funk Jam (Malaysia) – Judge
    Judge for K Wave Dance Contest (Singapore) – Judge
    Judge for Flyover Battle 12 (South EastAsia) – Judge
    Judge for Lock Down Vol. 3
    Judge for Super Jam
    Judge for Watcha Got Vol. 1
    Judge for Lock City
    Judge for Flyover Dance Battle


  • Coach Jeremy

    Jeremy started competing from the age of 15 and has 13 years of competitive experience having represented Singapore on the competitive stage in countries like Taiwan, Japan and Amsterdam. Jeremy is a local dancing powerhouse with 10 years of coaching experience across all different age groups from children to adults!

  • -Taiwan Ocean Battle Session – Top 30
    -RF Jam SG qualifier Open Styles 7 to Smoke – 2nd Place
    -Keep On Dancing (KOD) Hip Hop 4vs4 – Champion
    -Bragging Rights Vol.2 By EV Dance All Styles – Champion
    -Get Down Vol. 9, Hip Hop 1vs1 Open Category – Champion
    -Melbourne, Australia City Sessions, All Styles 1vs1 – Champion
    -The Otherside Vol. 4, All Styles 4vs4 – 2nd Place
    -Dance @ Live Singapore League 2014 Hip Hop 1 Vs 1 – Champion
    -Singapore Dance Delight Volume 5 – Champion
    -M1 Dance Challenge Showcase – Champion
    -Geared Head Gaza Hip Hop 2 on 2 Battle – 2nd place
    -In Da Shaadows Hip Hop 1 On 1 Battle – 2nd Place
    -Japan Dance Delight Vol. 21 – Finalist
    -3 vs 3 Lock down all styles – Champion
    -Dance Champs Vol. 3 countdown event 2vs2 All style battle – Champion
    -Today Newpaper, Movement’s Dance Championship – 2nd place
    -Floor the love 2013 Hip Hop – 2nd Place
    -That’s Legit 5 on 5 Crew Battle – Champion
    -Natasha Studio Heart Beat Dance Competition – Champion
    -Remy Martin Centaur Dance – 2nd Place
    -The Show (Prelude) – Champion
    -Dance Fiesta Group – Champion
    -Da Hip Rock Affairz 2 – Woodland CC – Champion
    -Da Hip Hop Affair 5 – Woodland CC – Champion
    -Youth Revolution Hip Hop Competition – Champion
    -Singapore B Boy Champion Popping Category – Champion
    -Romp 3 Dance Competition at Zouk – Champion
    -Dance Explosion 2008 Open Category – 2nd Place
    -Danceworks 2009 Open Category – 2nd Place
    -Breakout @ Zirca 2010 – 2nd Place
    -Soul Theory Jam Battle – 2nd Place
    -Street Move – Dance Competition at Cineleisure (Best Male Dancer)
    -Suntec Dance 2009 Solo – Top 10

  • Judge for Lion City Throwdown Warm up Party 2014
    Judge for Avant Garde 2014 (All Styles Battle)
    Judge for Keepin’ It Real Vol. 2 (SDZ internal Jam)
    Judge for All Style Session Vol. 2 (Malaysia Jam)
    Judge for 嗨战Vol. 1 Hip Hop 1vs1 Battle 2014 (China)
    Judge for The Other Side (All Style 4vs4 Battle)
    Judge for Get Down Vol. 7(Hip Hop 1vs1 Battle)
    Judge for TPDE internal battle Whatcha Got! Vol. 4 Prelims
    Judge for Lion City Throwdown 2013
    Judge for Bag 2 Beg Hip Hop – 1 Vs 1 battle organized by Dance Meets
    Judge for Get Down Vol. 4 (Hip Hop 1vs1 Battle)
    Hip Hop Judge for The Show Prelude 2ndEdition
    All Style & Hip Hop Judge for qualifying Challenge Cup India 2015
    Judge for Rep Your Style by Legacy Dance Co. 2017
    Judge for All Out Young Blood Temasek Polytechnic Edition 2017
    Judge for Dance For High 2018
    Judge for Culture Circle by Legacy Dance Co. 2018
    Judge for Change the Game 2018 (Open styles freestyle battle in Perth)

  • Coach KS

    KS has been active in Singapore’s street dance & arts community for the past 12 years. He has travelled all around the world to share his craft with dancers from all over the Asian region and has judged competitions in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as competed actively in countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and even Italy!

  • -Radikal Forze Jam 3v3 Open-Styles International – Top 4
    -Arena Singapore Qualifiers – Finalist
    -Marvel ‘Kings of the Street’ Open Styles 1v1 – Champion
    -NTU Funk Jam Locking 2v2 – Top 4
    -Freestyle Session Singapore Popping 1v1 – Champion
    -‘Keep On Dancing’ South East Asia Locking Crew Battle – 1s​t​ runner up
    -‘Keep On Dancing’ South East Asia Popping Crew Battle – Top 4
    – Lockdown Singapore Locking 1v1 – 1s​t​ runner up
    -‘People X People’ Japan 1v1 Freestyle Hip Hop Music Battle – Top 8
    -*SCAPE Radikal Forze Jam 3v3 International All Styles – Top 4
    ‘Gatsby Dance Competition Singapore’ – 1st runner up
    -‘Radikal Forze Jam 3v3 All Styles’ SG qualifiers – 1s​t​ place
    -*SCAPE ‘Radikal Forze Jam 3v3 All Styles’ International – Top 4
    -‘SDK’ Asia Popping 1v1 – Top 4
    -‘SDK’ Asia Locking 1v1 – Top 8
    -‘World Dance Games’ Zhengzhou Popping 1v1 – Top 16
    -‘World Dance Games’ Zhengzhou Locking 1v1 – Top 32
    -‘Go Off Vol.3’ Batam 1v1 Allstyles – Champion
    -‘JLM Dance Battle’ Italy 1v1 Funk – Top 8
    -‘NTU Funk Jam Locking Category’ – 1s​t​ place
    -‘Dance Up the Nation 2v2 Allstyles’ Surabaya – 1st place
    -‘Dance Up the Nation Allstyles 7 to smoke’ Surabaya – 1st place
    -‘Radikal Forze Jam 3v3 All Styles’ International – 1s​t​ runner up
    -‘We Funk Together Vol.1’ Popping – 1s​t​ place
    -‘All Out Championship Vol.2 Crew Battle’ – 1s​t​ place
    -‘M1 Dance Mania 2014’ All-style 2v2 – 1s​t​ place
    -‘Radikal Forze Jam 3v3 All Styles’ International – 1s​t​ place
    -‘NTU Funk Jam 2v2 Popping’ – 1s​t​ runner up
    -‘Radikal Forze Jam 2v2 All styles’ International – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Malaysia Funk Jam Popping – 1s​t​ place
    -Malaysia ‘Level Up’ Popping 1 v 1 – 1s​t​ place
    -Malaysia ‘Level Up’ Locking 1 v 1 – 1s​t ​place
    -Today Movement Dance Championship – 1s​t​ place
    -Dance @ Live Singapore – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Malaysia Funk Jam Locking – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Gatsby Styling Dance Contest – 1s​t​ place
    -Heartbeat connection Street Dance Competition – 1st​ place
    -Taiwan Metro Street ​D​ance competition Singapore prelims – 1s​t​ place
    -R16 SEA prelims popping category – 1s​t​ place
    -Singapore Dance Delight vol.1 “The Basic Fives” – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Dance Sucka 3r​d​ anniversary locking solo – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Taiwan Metro Street Dance competition Taiwan – Finals
    -KO Night Popping 2 v 2 – 1s​t​ place
    -KO Night Locking 2 v 2 – 1s​t​ place
    -Natasha Studio “Natasha Studio Jam Vol.4” Locking – 1st place
    -Illers ‘Hip Hop Elements Battle’ Popping and Locking – 1st place
    -Malaysia​绝对完美​STEP​大赛​ Popping & Locking 2 on 2 – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Suntec Dance competition group “The Basic Fives” – 1s​t​ runner up
    -Funkamania 2009 “Poppers Action Party” – 1s​t​ runner up

  • Judge for Radikal Forze Jam Singapore Qualifiers Open Styles
    Judge for Represent 3v3 Popping Battle
    Judge for Lock City Indonesia Qualifiers
    Judge for Culture Circle Open Styles Pro/Am Battle
    Judge for Funkmeisters Vol.1
    Judge for Lock City Singapore Qualifiers
    Judge for Battle Royale 2017
    Judge for Lock City World Finals
    Judge for Recognize Studios U21 Battle
    Judge for Lock City Singapore
    Judge for Danceworks 2017 ‘Drug-free Singapore’
    Judge for Lockdown Singapore
    Judge for ‘Fighting School’ Singapore Qualifiers
    Judge for Malaysia ‘FunkyStep’ 2017
    Judge for Project Superfly
    Judge for Pop City Singapore Qualifiers
    Judge for Garuda Locking Jam Surabaya
    Judge for Funkstyle Interschool
    Judge for Rock in Attitude Malaysia
    Judge for Outbarlution
    Judge for Radikal Forze Jam 2v2
    Judge for Batam Nagoya Street Dance Battle Vol.1
    Judge for Batam Go Off Vol.1
    Judge for Vietnam ‘Level Up’ South East Asia Qualifiers
    Judge for Funkstyle Interschool 2014
    Judge for The Real Deal St Vol.2
    Judge for Lockdown Warmup Party