A specially curated programme to ensure that your child masters Hip Hop at the right pace

Stage 1: Foundation!

The first step in dancing requires a fundamental understanding of the music, the rhythm and body movement. Students will learn how to move to the beat and explore various ways of moving their bodies!

Stage 2: Dance!

After building a strong foundation, intermediate students will be exposed to choreographed dancing and learn advanced dance moves! It is now time to up the tempo and make those moves look great!

Stage 3: Perform!

Through video productions and curated performances, we will train our students to work on their confidence, coordination and their performing expressions to become full fledged, dancing stars and performers!

Stage 4: Choreograph!

After all foundational, intermediate and advanced training has been done, students will now be introduced to the fundamentals of dance choreography! Using the various dance techniques that have been taught, they will now begin to choreograph their own dance routines independently with their coach by their side to guide them along.



Stage 5: Freestyle!

At Stage 5, students will be introduced to a more advance segment of street dance which is Freestyle. With firm foundation of techniques, musicality, creativeness learnt and acquired from Levels 1 through 4, students will begin to learn how to freestyle by dancing and creating routines on the spot with any given music. This will help push their dance creativity and flow to the highest level!